Monday, 15 November 2010

Editorial Illustration-Article Two.

New Scientist magazine.

Again I had a very strong idea of what I wanted my spot Illustration to look like for this article, an image that smoothly moved on from my previous brief.


Here is an image I had previously screen captured onto my computer but I felt it corresponded well with the idea of man vs computer more so man being re-imaged/changed/manipulated by computers.

I jotted down a few ideas but decided to jump straight onto adobe illustrator to create a silhouette of a persons head (head referring to mind and behaviour) which soon took shape.

I then took this silhouette and placed it into photoshop and added gradients to it. I thought about black and white and how that would sit well within the article but as it was only a small image I thought I could make it slightly more interesting by adding colour... so did.

The above image is the final illustration. The shuffled segments of the head reflect how the computer manipulates your mind and 'scatters your thoughts.' I wanted the head to look largely digitally manipulated and added lots of colour and then edited the head to look pixelated like the images i had screen captured. Again the piece has a decorative function but can be looked into as having more qualities than just aesthetic appeal.

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